Ephialtes Frustrated

by cassie hughes   Jul 2, 2023

Faceless spectres stand in silent accusation
as cloying darkness compresses light into void,
Accusation hangs heavy in the air
with each indicatory digit,
Frozen in place as conscience wakes,
Finally cutting through walls of time.

Heat builds

Delirium rises in waves of oppression
forcing memories to ascend unchecked, unbidden,
No where left to hide,
Stripped bare and unshielded from self regard
wrong floods veins as blood chills
and awareness returns gadarene

Shots echo

Fingers cramp in autonomous reflex then relax
as psyche finally admits the nightmare,
Clings to reality with nails torn and bleeding,
Then rips away self imposed bindings to reveal
half healed excrescence,
Fear and self loathing writhe under scrutiny

No More

Acceptance levies rise with each introspection,
Tokens of each violation brought to light,
Each loss, tangible or abstract, each defamation
and vilification lie revealed,
Exposed and oozing under frayed cognisance,
Price must be paid for restoration of content

Perplexity hits

Direction wavers then firms with deep breath,
Identity confirmed as layers stripped away
and phantoms fade into reality, barely there,
Ready to spring back if fortitude fails
under social pressure,
Resolve tightens, not this time, strength will grow.

Faith holds


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