Come back ...

by Kitty Cat Lady   Jul 24, 2023

Where have you gone - will you be coming back?
Will you be like you were before?
Or are you now changed - locked away in yourself?
Was this one really the last straw?

I wish I could tell you it will all be fine,
We'll pick up the pieces and run,
But I'm changed myself - feel different inside,
Won't take much to become undone.

These hard times keep coming - it rains and it pours,
I'm drenched and I cannot get dry,
I'm worried we're lost and may never be found,
And it scares me I'm not gonna lie.

I feel like I failed you - I promised you 'fine',
But this shitstorm is anything but,
There's no end in sight and it's harder each day,
And I know just how deeply it cuts.

I'm asking you nicely - I'll plead and I'll beg,
Please keep trying and don't give up hope,
Whatever comes next we'll be right by your side,
And I know it's so tough but we'll cope.

Hold on to the future - it's waiting for you,
And I'll remind you often and loud,
Remember that to us you are the best thing,
Please know that you make us so proud.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This piece hits especially hard for me this week. You acknowledge such indescribable pain when you ask the questions here, and when you realize that it feels impossible to promise that it will get better. I also know firsthand how depression can take over every part of your life, that it feels like it takes over your personality too, that it becomes you. And we can have the best support and people believing in us, while not being able to believe in our ourselves. I love the emotion especially in the last few stanzas, that you will remind them as often as needed that the future is there, even if it seems too uncertain, too unknown. I really felt this.

    Also, welcome back! It's wonderful to see you post on here, again. Sending lots of hugs.

    • 7 months ago

      by Kitty Cat Lady

      Hey :)
      Thanks so much, I really appreciate the welcome back and your comments.
      Yeah, life sucks right now and I feel totally helpless ... physical health affects mental health affects physical health... and so the vicious cycle continues :(

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