by ddavidd   Sep 27, 2023

It seems all these strangers know me.
Maybe this is only a dream
that the inner world and outer, overlap.

Maybe there is no difference between the two.

Dualism only exist in us.
One can not be without two
when parts then are one
in themselves.

Two and one,
are only a transitional phase,
only zero is complete.

Maybe all these individuals are me,
that I eventually finish experiencing
as I,
one after the other.

Maybe everyone is one,
simultaneously experiencing the world
touching the elephant.

Our oneness only registers in collective awareness,
the natural selection of the right,
the highest conscience of consciousness,
the survival of the fittest hearts
in the jungle of heartlessness.


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  • 2 months ago

    by Mahal Ko Kuya Ko

    Hmm. Though-provoking. Alternate universe? Paradox? Everything you said seems illogical but somewhat logical. Gotta think about this more. But is the 'touching the elephant, blindfolded' part a reference to the parable? Thanks for sharing.

    --- MKKK

    • 1 month ago

      by ddavidd

      Thanks for the time and effort . Yes that is a reference to the parable of blindfolded man and elephantt.

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