Passing Glory

by cassie hughes   Dec 4, 2023

Silence spreads thickly like cream on jam filled scones
as rose tinted memories flood mind longing for halcyon days.

Nostalgia bursts its banks.

Scents of ambergris and Kadupul drift on imaginary breeze
and age frail body begins to sway gently in time to ghostly notes.

Time falls away.

Shrivelled lips part in anticipation of heady kisses and champagne bubbles
long since gone flat and passed into antiquity’s excess.

Remembrance leaks into reality.

Once more silken gown caresses lithe body and diamond stars sparkle
on smooth, unblemished skin under flame bright chandeliers.

Party blends into party

Swirling colour bright pictures pass behind eyes grown pale and dim
before fading into the cold baren nothingness of infirmary green.

Where now the opulent splendour of days gone by?

Drained and wasted like the husk of life now breathing its last.


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