by Synful   May 8, 2024

Warm nights bring soft breezes
As I stare out a darkened window,
Drinking in the moon's peace
While counting stars; I adore their glow.

The late hours bring me comfort and serenity
As the world slumbers and I can breathe;

Days provide new adventures and chances,
Blossoming with beauty and chaos,
The colors that rise and fall with the sun - they dance
Amongst the daydreams they cause.

The early hours encourage me to live,
Reminding me of the wonders this world can give;

I find these things within you
As if intricately woven vines,
Wrapping around a soul who
Quietly requested a friend cradled in twilight.

Please, stay,
But if you must ever take your leave,
Know I will never stand in your way,
And I'll forever be grateful for how you've set me free.


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