Slipping not due to lack of friction

by Everlasting   May 12, 2024

I hate blaming others for my actions

For it is I and only I who is to be blamed for what I do

But you

You always break me
I ain’t whole
I can’t keep under control

my control slips
As if you were a watery road I have to drive through
it doesn’t matter how slow or how fast I drive
I always slip into your ways

then i crash

Wasn’t the friction of our arguments meant to keep us grounded?


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Latest Comments

  • 1 month ago

    by BOB GALLO

    "Wasn’t the friction of our arguments meant to keep us grounded?"

    In discussion you discover everything you're looking for, Selve gratification, understanding, commune ground, or betterment.
    But generally speaking, in the spirit of true honesty The statement is accurate.
    But even accuracy differs real meaning, the same way obviousness, clarity.


    • 3 weeks ago

      by Everlasting

      *Sigh* marriage

      Thanks for the comments