~*Eternal Sleep*~

by TattooedPierced   Jul 21, 2004

The pain seeps away as my blood drips upon the floor.
Beside my hand lay the blade that finished the chore.
The pain I felt is gone and will never return.
But I don’t think you should be the least bit concerned.

I’ll make it through, I’m going to a better place.
I only wish that one last time I could touch your face.
I’ll close my eyes one last time just to see you smile.
Then I will be at rest for just a little while.

As you see me there, in my eternal sleep.
You’ll lower your head, walk away and you’ll start to weep.
I didn’t realize you’d miss me as much as you do.
And I didn’t expect that I’d be regretting this because I miss you.

I guess I should have talked to you before taking my life.
Then I’d still be here with you instead of choosing that knife.
But reality is that I’m no longer alive.
And for that to you I apologize.

To: Jay Callipare


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by Jay

    Wow great job! You never disappoint!

  • 15 years ago

    by SarZz

    DAMN GUD>>....a definite 5!

  • 15 years ago

    by Richard Bottary

    Incredibly written. I was in tears...it' mad me think about how others might miss me if I were to leave.

  • 15 years ago

    by Jay

    WOW... I so felt your pain... I Loved it! (5) I'd give it more if I could!

  • 15 years ago

    by ~:.GodeSsOfTemPtati0n.:~

    roflmao... u got em one stoopid hater named david :P:P:P...

    hell gurlo dont listen to that hating mofo...u got em tyte arse piece right here... just wondering whos jay ? lol =) anyway thanx for em comment =) love ya gurlo ciao... ima post new poems too =) hope u visit =)

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