Pain Drops

by Libra2068   Sep 25, 2004

Thunder and lightning, then comes rain
Mistrust and lies, then comes pain
Lightning flashing, thunder roaring
Mistrust growing and lies, like rain pouring
Down from clouded skies
Like tears dropping from crying eyes
Which were caused by all your lies
Never ceasing, never stopping
Pain drops continue dropping.

Pouring down upon my happiness
Causing my pain to be endless.
Pain filled nights and rain filled days
And in my heart this pain stays.
And in my heart it continues to rain
Drop after drop of pain
Driving me every night more and more insane

Causing my nights to be sleepless
My days to be endless
And my tears to be useless
For no matter how many are shed
They shall all be in vain
Because no matter what is done or said
The pain in my heart shall remain.

I know It's kinda long but Please Comment


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  • 16 years ago

    by Andrea

    it wont let me vote! but just to let you know this poem deserves a 5

  • 16 years ago

    by Andrea

    wow! that just blew me away! very good poem