The first copy of Near perfect Girl

by Annie   Oct 18, 2004

On the outside, she's a near-perfect girl-

Brown eyes that shine, hair that can curl.

A smile so wide it will brighten your day,

Clothes that fit in a pretty good way.

A great group of friends, near-perfect grades,

With a personality colored in all different shades.

On the outside, this girl may look happy and fun,

But there's always something wrong with everyone.

So late at night when everyone sleeps,

This girl sits alone on her bed and she weeps.

For there's someone she cares about very much.

A glimpse of him in the hall, a smile during lunch.

This boy is her friend, but is that really enough?

Of all that she's been through, this time is tough.

A tear rolls down her face as she realizes that

It will be hard to tell him, her words must be exact.

Another tear falls as someone else comes to mind,

The girl in which this boy's heart is entwined.

But she doesn't care, and his hopes start to fail,

Yet the before-mentioned girl's own hopes don't prevail.

All images fade as her vision starts to blur,

As the tears rush down the pretty face of hers.

Her hopes might never come true but she puts up a fight,

And dreams on her pillow the rest of the night.


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