My Daddy

by Annie   Apr 11, 2005

My daddy is an architecht
He creates offices, malls and stores
High atop a construction crane
Is where his mind explores

My daddy is a writer
Telling tales of men at sea
Or maybe of just a curious girl
He likes to pretend is me

My daddy is an actor
Leaving people staring in awe
He's so proud of his accomplishments
The greatest man I ever saw

My daddy is a musician
Composing pieces is living his dream
With complete mixes of treble and bass
Great majesty will be seen

My daddy is a doctor
He's always saving lives
Yet he always finds some time for me
Between operations and long drives

My daddy could be anything I want
Because it was him that I never knew
He could be any man who was present on Earth
You know what? He could even be you.


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  • 16 years ago

    by girlii797

    couldn't of been me, i'm a girl. lol

  • 16 years ago

    by girlii797