Do You Know Me?

by Annie   Oct 18, 2004

You think I'm just an ordinary person,
But what if you're wrong?
What if I'm someone who is
Smart, funny, and easy to talk to ?
What if I'm someone who
Gets good grades, or has major talent?
Think about it.
Then think about this:
What if I moved?
Or what if I died?
Would you be able to say
That you knew me well?
That we were good friends?
That you cared a lot more than you show?
Would you?
Would you feel bad,
Knowing that you never got to really know
The real me?
Would you feel sad?
Or even relieved that you don't have to feel a stronger loss?
Would it even matter to you?
If I was gone, would that make a difference in your life?
Do you even care?
But how could something like that matter to you...?
You are who you are,
And are you really going to change that,
Just because I'm gone,
And you might have been able to prevent it?
I know you care a lot more about a lot more people,
But how much do you care about me?


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  • 17 years ago

    by Lexi Lou

    i can compare to this perfectly written poem! please keep in touch! i love your work and thank you for your wonderful comments! lots of love
    lexi lou