Lone Attic Shelf FINAL--worth reading it!! its good.

by Annie   Apr 11, 2005

A teenage girl feels alone right now
She realizes that something can be done, but how?
Her problems seem pointless to anyone else
Just like dust on a lone attic shelf
Nobody listens, nobody cares
Her constant thought is that life is unfair
She wishes he knew, but he doesn't. So what?
The pain in her heart is becoming too much.
He's the guy of her dreams,
But to only her it seems.
The new day depends on her clever disguise.
Her life is a mixture of deception and lies.
Sometimes she finds it hard to believe herself,
But her thoughts mean more than just dust on a shelf.
In her heart are feelings so deep.
By light, she daydreams, by night she sleeps.
But a dream can't take away the pain of life.
Everything seems balanced on the blade of a knife.
"Enough," she thinks. "This pain has to end."
So she opened up her heart to a very special friend.
Her love for him poured out in words,
And soon her starry-eyed vision was blurred.
This confession reached him through a cellular phone,
And this boy finally realized that he wasn't alone.
For he, too, was living with a secret inside.
A secret he was doing his very best to hide.
And now as she said what he wanted to hear,
The only thing not in his heart now was fear.
But before he could tell her how he really felt,
She hung up the phone while sobbing, and knelt.
He didn't say much as she confessed her love,
So she decided life might be better up above.
There would be no more tears falling late at night.
To this girl, the end was more than in sight.
Her hand holding the container quivered and shook,
As one by one, the pills she took.
Falling to the floor, her eyes slowly closed.
Not seeing before she died that on her desk lay a rose.
It was something she had never knew was around,
But now its too late...she's down on the ground.
Her love had dropped by earlier that night.
No one had even noticed his car's headlights.
Climbing the ever-familiar ladder to her room,
He pulled out a rose that had been in full bloom.
Smiling to himself, he also left a note.
Its contents were a love letter and a poem he wrote.
"By you're side, I'll forever stand.
Always willing to hold your hand.
These long years have brought us so far,
From walks on beaches to drives in my car.
The memories of you I will treasure forever,
I've loved you since as long as I can remember.
The way you look at me with that smile on your face,
You're truly an angel with all of your grace.
These feelings I've always held close to me inside,
But times have changed...I can no longer hide.
I love you...and I just wanted you to know.
Even if to you it doesn't always show."
Wondering what she'd think, on the desk he left it lay.
But his heart would soon be filled with anguish and dismay.
For later that night, her mother called and said,
"At 10:45, I found her dead.
She loved you so much, and wanted you to know.
Even if her love didn't always show."
A tear fell from his cheek as he hung up the phone.
Why? Why didn't she tell him she felt so alone?
This is a secret that has yet to be solved.
The boy felt so guilty for being so involved.
But his feelings will now forever be contained within himself,
Just like dust on a lone attic shelf.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Fierce

    Yeah about your poem... The reason I thought you didnt write it is cause I got that exact poem in an e-mail about 2 years ago and I have it on my bedroom wall. I looked at the date you wrote it originally and it didnt match to when I received the e-mail so I obvioulsy thought that you didnt write it, what else am I meant to think. Well, if you say that you wrote it then, you did. Sorry for hurting you


  • 15 years ago

    by Mariah


  • 15 years ago

    by Fierce

    YOU DIDNT EVEN WRITE THIS!!!! What the hell? Omg, why did you do that? That's so wrong!! This website is for people who write oringinal poems and your not one of them! You're FAKE!

  • 16 years ago

    by Thumbelina04

    that is amazing, made me cry so sweet and u have great talent! it flows really well its fantastic