Angel of Death

by Annie   Apr 11, 2005

This once-majestic angel
Falls heavily upon the soil
Her wings have become battered and torn
From days of work and toil.

Every strand of her golden hair
Was tousled from all the stress
People always wanting her to do this or that
Left this girl a terrible mess

Her once-radiant pure blue eyes
Resemble snowflakes no more
Having to watch people fake their way through life
Left them weary, dull and sore

Scarlet lips that held previous beauty
Now remain bleeding and scarred
From the words of hate people utter each day
And how saying kind things seems hard

Silky hands are no more
Instead, they're cracked and burned
For every weapon held in ones hand
And every lesson that went unlearned

This angel is deaf due to every human
Who gritted his teeth and lied
Instead of facing the consequences
Permanent guilt lies inside.

She takes all the pain that we can't stand
But she's been finally put to rest
However, you'll meet this dark angel one day
For she is the angel of death


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