What Happened?

by Annie   Oct 18, 2004

What's happening to me?
Are you tearing me apart?
My feelings for you are hidden on the inside
But I'm always thinking about you in my heart.

What's happening to me?
Why won't your face go away?
You're not even here!
Now what should i say?

What's happening to me?
Why do I cry at night?
Am I really that afraid
To show my feelings in the light?

What's happening to me?
Were you sent from up above?
Now I know what's happening to me.
I think I'm falling in love.

Do you understand what's happening to me?
Or do you think its just a phase?
But no, it just can't be because
Around you, I'm always in a daze.

Do you understand what happened to me?
Or do you even know?
I try not to show my true feelings,
But I guess you never know.

Do you understand what's happened to me?
And if you do, do you even care?
It sure doesn't seem like it!
Hell, you've probably even teased me about my hair!

Do you understand what happened to me?
Or is it that you just can't decide?
Are you serious about what you said,
Or, like me, are there secrets inside?

I'm pretty sure we're just good friends,
And I'm not even sure of that,
But I know that when I say "I love you",
I'm not playing, it really is a fact.


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  • 16 years ago


    A very endearing piece. I liked it alot! I hope to read more of your poetry! Keep up the good work~Holly