Death penalty

by Chloe   Nov 26, 2004

I still remember that foggy day,
when wounds turned into scars,
my daddy was convicted of murder,
locked, and put behind bars.

The policemen said that he had committed
the biggest kind of sin,
he had killed another person,
all the evidence pointed at him.

Even though I was only twelve,
a happy, normal youth,
I knew that my daddy didn't do this,
I knew it was not the truth.

When I came home from school that day,
I saw my mummy cry,
it broke her heart to have to tell me
that my daddy was going to die.

Tears streamed down my unhappy face,
nothing left, no bliss,
I ran up to my room as I yelled,
' my daddy will not die like this! '

I continued to cry,
and watched the salty tears fall,
for just like that,
my life meant nothing at all.

Everything beautiful had slowly died
in this tainted world of mine,
I knew I would get to meet my daddy
just one last, final time.

Something inside me was crying for help,
as they opened that darkened cell,
I saw my daddy sit there in misery,
deeper and deeper I fell.

Every step I took towards him
seemed like the longest mile,
he looked at me, with pain in his eyes,
as he tried to fake his smile.

He softly stroke my tear-stained cheek,
as something inside me broke,
he looked into my hazel eyes,
and these words, my daddy spoke:

' My little angel, daddy's little girl,
the brightest light of my life,
I know that this will hurt you inside,
the pain, as sharp as a knife.

Sometimes life isn't fair,
and sweetheart, that you will see,
but in your heart, you know the truth,
and that's what matters to me.

I just wish I could be there to watch you grow up,
watch you find that light,
and when you find that special someone,
make sure he treats you right.

You will find someone who gives you
all the love that you deserve,
you are beautiful inside and out,
my pretty, little girl.

And if you ever feel alone,
look deep inside your heart,
there you will find the strength you need,
even though we're apart.

Just call my name when you feel down,
and my spirit will be right there,
remember the times we spent together
the memories that we shared.

Now, be a good and strong young girl,
for the wounds, themselves, will sew,
goodbye, my little angel,
remember that daddy loves you '

His eyes fill up with loving tears,
this is happening too fast,
I give my daddy one big hug,
for I know it will be the last.

My heart cries out of hurt,
all the pain is running through,
and as I turn to walk away,
I whisper ' daddy, I love you too '

Months later they found out
that he was an innocent man,
their mistake took my daddy's life,
oh, the cruelty of this land.

He could have been here to watch me grow up,
to see my beautiful daughter,
but now she lays here on my lap,
she has no grand father.

He is the one who has made me
the girl that I am today,
I just wish that he was here,
so these words, to him, I could say.

The love I have for him in my heart,
will never go away or decrease,
I appreciate all the times we shared,
all the beautiful memories.

Still I shed so many tears,
I don't seem able to quit,
because they killed my daddy
for a crime he did not commit.

¤ Not true story (but for other people, it may be), I wrote this to show how much I am against death penalty [based on a movie I watched]. ¤



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  • 14 years ago

    by Twisted Mind Broken Soul

    Wow I literally cried!!! This poem was written well, and absoultely made a good point. Thank You For writing it!!!

  • 15 years ago

    by SavannahSurrender

    That is very very good. Very sad. I love your work. Great job. 5/5


  • 15 years ago

    by Rachael Young

    Lol i take it someone has watched green mile :P
    Great poem

  • 15 years ago

    by Jessy

    was the movie GREEN MILE

  • 15 years ago

    by InMyWorld

    you really put feeling into your poems and they have great effects...this one made me cry hehe, keep it up :)