Heart Without A Home

by butterfly ♥ kisses   Dec 2, 2004

I can't describe the feeling
That comes over me each night.
it makes my heart ache
And weary tears fell from my eyes.
It's a longing that I've always had
And a need that's never been met.
It's one no one wants to.
It's one they least expect.
For I always walk around with a smile,
Acting like everything is okay.
I'm not one to get upset
Or have problems come my way.
But deep inside they have no idea
About the battle that I fight.
How hard I try to convince myself
That everything will be alright.
Somebody, somewhere loves me.
This I know for sure.
Or at least that's what I hope
And wish on every star for.
Where is my soul mate?
My prince sent from above?
Why must I go on living like this,
Alone, unsure, and unloved?
Still I do not tell anyone.
Heaven forbid I don't act strong.
And even if I did tell them
They'd just tell me that I'm wrong.
But it's easy for them to justify
When they have someone to love.
Someone who is always there for them,
And is everything I've ever dreamed of.
This longing is overwhelming me
And I can feel it taking over my heart with every beat.
What am I supposed to think
When my entire life I've felt alone.
Every night I ache with loneliness
And from a heart that has no home.

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Latest Comments

  • 16 years ago

    by *~*Soldier Lover*~*

    this is EXACTLY how i felt until i met my bf, cody. you capture emotions so perfectly!! great job.

  • 16 years ago

    by So-Not-Normal

    This is truly an amazing poem i was searching on this site to find a poem that shows how i really feel and this one does it for me......im sitting here bawling anyways keep up the good work

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