Roll the dice

by Chloe   Dec 21, 2004

Shadows appear as the night slowly falls,
I hide underneath my unanswered calls.
Those calls for help, they never succeed,
for what is not healed, will once again bleed.

"You're worthless, you're useless"
yell the voices in my head,
"Nobody loves you,
they want you dead!"

The razorblade calls, it calls on me,
"Come here, now, beautiful, I will set you free!"

"Nobody loves you, yes, it is true,
nobody loves you, only I do!
Here is what you'll do: You'll roll the dice,
let the numbers show you how many times you shall slice.
Shows it one, you cut two,
cut the double of what it shows you!
Cut it now, cut it deep,
fall into perfect, everlasting sleep....
Do it now, you know you're supposed to,
do it now, you know you want to.
Crimson is beautiful, so clench your fists,
let my sharp edges draw on your wrists.
You know I'm the only friend you've got,
so trust me when I say it won't hurt a lot.
Don't let them judge you by what comes from within,
let them judge you by the beauty on your skin...
- it's not a sin."

I grab the blade
as I prepare to slice,
just one single cut...
it won't be my demise...
"No!" I yell,
"I am more than this,
I do not want to feel your
tainted kiss!"

"Silly, little girl!
The blade is right there!
I'm the only one you've got,
I'm the only one that cares...
Do you seriously think
you're something without me?
I am your future,
your destiny!"

Mascara tears fall,
they fall like rain,
I turn around to hide
my silent pain.
I am sick of dealing
with all these cries,
and once again I've fallen
for the good old lies.
So, congratulations, you've succeeded,
you've made me feel like dirt,
I fall to the ground
as drops of blood stain my shirt.


; The part with the dice was inspired by a book I read; about a man that relied on a dice ;


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  • 15 years ago

    by Elli

    what was the book called? excellent poem by the way!

  • 15 years ago

    by Jacquie


  • 15 years ago

    by Chloe

    Woah, thanks James...I'm speechless.

  • 16 years ago

    by Jamie

    That was amazing, OMG, i hope you write more, that was the best poem Ive read in awhile. Stay strong<>< Jamie

  • wow, that is truly amazing, reading it in that dialogue gives such a different feeling from the poem, well done its brilliant even tho its so sad.