by ├Truely_Spoken┤   Dec 31, 2004

© Francisco Guzman 2005

What I feel for you is unexplainable,
Such as the ocean depths
It is something no one is ever able to understand
And is impossible to see

Because if you attempt, you get too close
And love will crush you when you least expect it
Such as the waters pressure
Pushing against your body

It is shaped by what we have gone through
And what we desire within ourselves Because….

I am but a lonely sailor
On an ocean full of forsaken tears
Whose answers to his questions
Surround him with every stroke

But the real answer for which I seek
Lies so deep and I fear I will never retrieve
Emotions are what darken my dim view
And it’s your countenance that appears in the waters reflection

What I feel is so deep...Because I cannot comprehend
What lies beneath all the ocean sands?
What is it that hides beneath in the dark?
So deep within my heart

I look into the water, just to see hope fade away
Because I dread what would happen
If I submerge in the midst of all these Questions
And go deep within to find the answers

What we search for is not that far away, we just need
To look deep within ourselves
Because the current that was one a flowing stream
Is now blackened by rejection and made of tears

I look ashore from the small boat I’m in
And I look around, to see myself
Stuck in an unrescuable situation
For no matter how shallow the water may seem
It will always be deeper then you’ve ever seen

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