In Pursuit of a Rainbow

by ├Truely_Spoken┤   Apr 18, 2007

© Francisco Guzman 2007

In pursuit of a rainbow I have spent all my life, waiting for the moment when I
Can finally breathe and see the ribbon of colors form upon the clear blue sky
So I stand strong under temptation, letting the rain pour over my soul in midst of fear
Because I know I need both the sun and the rain to make the rainbows colors appear

But as time goes by and these raindrops continue their relentless fall,
It becomes that much easier to drop to my knees and give up after it all
Surrounded in darkness and clouds that I can never seem to ignore,
The song inside of me begins to sing louder than it ever has before

And it tells me,
I have the heart of a champion and the soul of a knight
The will of an injured bird that continues to take flight
Every ounce of confidence I need lies within me
Even after Ive fallen, I have the strength to stand on my feet

And so I closed my umbrella, drenching myself in what I once feared
Searched for the sun so long, I forgot I needed the rain to make rainbows appear
No longer on my knees, I find vigor in the darkness that has caused me pain
As I await the sunlight for all these days, I can find comfort dancing in the rain

So in pursuit of a purpose I continue my life, longing for the moment when I
Realize my destiny and fulfill my calling, see it traced upon the midnight sky
I have come to see life as an uphill path I must continue to trudge during tribulation
Only then can I find the sun Ive searched, a boundless source of inspiration


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Latest Comments

  • 16 years ago

    by Prophecies In Kodak

    The form was sketchy, but so is mine. xD So I can't say much other than that.
    I liked the description and the visualization you gave in this poem. I could almost see a story? I liked your vocabulary as well.


  • 16 years ago

    by Sorefromreality

    Honestly, one of the best poems ive ever read in my life.

    the concept seems simple, but it is so much more complicated. knowing u need the good and bad to reach ur goals is displayed very well in this.

    deciding to "dance in the rain" as u say, has an underlying meaning of just to keep going, and it is absolutely perfectly written.

    terrific job,
    love ya lots,

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