Where Was My Daddy?

by ashley   Jan 5, 2005

Where was my Daddy, when I learned to crawl?
When I learned to walk, was he there when I’d fall?
Where was my Daddy, on my first day of school?
Was he holding my hand, or out being a fool?
Where was my Daddy, when I came home, upset from Jr. High?
Was he comforting me, or was he watching me cry?
Where was my Daddy, when I went to High School?
Where the teachers are nice, but the students are cruel…
Where was my Daddy, do you think you know?
Well I’ll take a guess, I’ll give it a go…
My Daddy was gone, he was out doing drugs,
We got cursed at and slapped instead of kisses and hugs…
Where was he at? He was out getting high,
Worrying his family to death, as the minutes passed by…
My Daddy was drinking, he was out getting wasted,
But soon though he’d realize, how reality tasted…
Now it’s his turn to wonder, it’s his turn to think,
"Where would I be, if I hadn’t taken that drink?"
He might be at home, with his three daughters who care,
But for now he’s in jail, and he deserves to be there…
Sometimes he writes letters, but they lay unopened on the table,
For no one cares to read them, once they’ve read the label…
In the letters that were opened, he promised to set things straight,
But I think we gave up trying, after failure number eight…
We’re done trying to change you, so stay out of our way,
We’ve been living great lives, since you went away…
So don’t come back, you will spoil it all,
Don’t write your useless letters, don’t bother to call…
We’re happy now, can’t you see?
We don’t need you, so let us be…


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Just That Girl

    This Is Such A Sad Poem...But In The Same Time Is Great! Keep Up The Great Work!
    Take Care...
    The Bell :]

  • 16 years ago

    by J4Y

    that is such a gd poem, lots of emotions i really liked it so gave it a 5..... can u have a look at mine?thanx x x x x x

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