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i love taking pictures i believe that every moment in our lives should be cherished and remembered..
i abslutly love reading poems that are close to the heart and that mean something..
i love making new friends and getting to know ppl =)
i've been writing poetry for 4 years now.. i think that i improved a lot.. although i dont post all of my poems here i do see improvements from the first poem i ever posted till the latest one.. i love to hear what's wrong in my poem and what i should improve cause it would do me no good if you went on and on about how wonderful you think my poem is.. tell me my mistakes so i can learn from them
peace xx

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  • Country : Bahrain
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  • After all these years I have been hurting
    You tell me that you have always loved me...

  • He sees her in a completely different way
    All of a sudden she's no longer that 7 year old...

  • You used to be my knight in shinning armor
    I used to admire you like there's no tomorrow...

  • Baby why can't you see
    We're as perfect as can be...

  • I tried to find a word describing my feelings for...
    Was is a silly crush, an addiction, love, lust, or...

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  • Best friends
    know that your slow,
    stupid, and mess
    yet, they still
    dont care about being
    seen with you in public

    12 years ago
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  • Oh him?
    he just has the most
    adorable eyes
    you could ever fall for.
    and the cutest smile
    that will take your
    breath away.
    he has the ability to
    make you laugh ...

    12 years ago
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  • Yeah we talk to strangers, ignore anyone who tries to talk to us, and put on crazy ass hats in public but thats not because we're mentally challanged, it's because we're
    for what, like our whole lives? HECK YES.

    12 years ago
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