A Love so Abused

by Manda   Jan 14, 2005

Every day a dream will shatter,
Right in front of me,
And every day I'll think of you,
And how we used to be.

When my thoughts drift away,
You always seem to be who is on my mind,
But even when I try to forget,
My tears keep my blind.

Though no one has seen,
How hard I've cried over you,
When I am lost in my own grief,
And I'm not sure what I can do.

My friends all told me,
That my heart would mend,
But I know they are wrong,
Because the pain comes again and again.

I miss your warm kiss,
And your tender touch,
I think you're the one who missed,
That I love you so much.

Everyone can see it in my eyes,
How they twinkle when I see you,
But I know this love will never be returned,
No matter what I say or do.

You never even checked on me,
To see if you broke my heart,
So now you'll never know,
You're the one who tore it apart.

It feels like someone ripped my heart out,
And left me there to suffer and bleed,
Well I have suffered,
And bled so much, indeed.

You may not know what I do, to forget about you,
But if you see the scars on my wrist,
You'll know how much I've bled,
And what it is you've missed.

Everyone tells that I should just forget,
And move on to some other man,
Well that's what I was going to do,
But it's obviously not a working plan.

So how long will I be haunted,
By how we once were,
How much you loved me,
And how we were so sure?

I'm not sure I'll never get over,
How I was used,
How you ripped my heart out,
And my love was so abused.

{Most aspects of this Poem are true, so I hope that everyone likes it, even if it is a little depressing. Please Comment and Rate, because people haven't been doing much of that on my Poems lately.}


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