So Unreal

by Manda   Oct 5, 2005

This love is so unreal,
It makes my knees shake,
This love is so unbelievable,
It makes my heart quake;

I try to stand tall,
Try to hold my head high,
I try to smile,
Though at night: I cry;

You can't leave me now,
Out here in the dust,
Stop running from me,
My heart will rust;

My nerves are tense,
My hands are shaking,
My head is spinning,
My heart is aching;

I've lost all hope,
I'm running away,
I only wanted you,
Forever and always;

This pain won't fade,
It won't leave me be,
It's tearing me apart,
Slowly killing me!


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  • 15 years ago

    by ScarletHaze

    I no how u feel hun. i feel the same way bout sum1 and it jus tears me apart at times