Where Are We Going

by Manda   Aug 25, 2006

I'm in the shadows,
Not quite in sight,
You never notice,
Except at night;

When everyone's sleeping,
And we're all alone,
You talk to me,
In that seductive tone;

She doesn't even suspect,
The things that we do,
Because those things,
Are between me and you;

You make me laugh,
And you make me smile,
But you're still hers,
All the while;

I don't understand,
Exactly what we are,
But how could we,
Let it go this far;

It's so hard for me,
Not to fall in love,
When you're all,
That I'm thinking of;

I should've known what,
I was getting myself into,
But I just can't help,
Hoping for you;

I know is isn't happening,
And that it never will,
But I run back,
To you still;

You're just so addictive,
And I can't leave you alone,
I'm staying at your house,
When I should really go home;

When will I realize,
That I can't be yours,
And I can't have,
What I'm waiting for;

You should send me away,
But I'm here anyway,
You won't make me leave,
At least not today.


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