What I Want

by Manda   Aug 25, 2006

If nothing is forever,
I want to be your nothing,
I want to be your something,
I want to be your everything;

I want a gentle kiss,
Someone to hold me tight,
I want a best friend,
To tell me everything's alright;

I want someone there,
When times are tough,
I want someone to love me,
And that to be enough;

I want someone to understand,
What I'm feeling inside,
I want someone I can trust,
So I don't have to hide;

I want to be his best friend,
And to be his world,
I want someone to claim me,
As their one and only girl;

I want my heart to stop beating,
Because I'm so in love with him,
And I don't want to cry,
Because I'm broken again.


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