No Hidden Feelings

by Manda   Apr 12, 2005

Your love's all that keeps me whole,
It's all that lives within my soul,
The memories of you,
Are what gets me through,

Day to day I live in pain,
Day to day I live in vain,
You broke my heart,
You tore it apart,

But still... I love you,
No matter what you do,
It hurts to see you leave,
It hurts to breathe,

Feel a thousand knives in my side,
My feelings- I cannot hide,
You see right through me,
No matter what I want you to believe,

I cannot lie to the one I love,
No matter how you push or shove,
I'll always fall so deep,
Even if you make me weep,

It's hard to let go,
Of the only love you know,
Even when it pain doesn't subside,
My love I cannot hide.


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