Her Story**

by Jenn   Jan 19, 2005

She cried and she cries all night
she tried to hold back, to stay strong and fight
she didn't know what to fu**ing do
every passing day, her scars grew
everyone thought her life was so perfect
she'd always win ans never quit
but little did they know about her 2nd life
the only best friend she had was her own little knife
it was always there for her
it got rid of her pain for it was the cure
her scars told many stories
of her misery,pain and of her worries
darkness was her hunter and she was the prey
she didn't want to run anymore so she ended it that day
she ran home with a stone face right after school
she knew what she's do and that she was a fool
but she didn't care
because her life was never fair
she ran up to her room
and awaited her doom
she slowly picked up her one and only friend
just five minutes till she meets the end
she locked her door
so no one could find her on the floor
with a little push, her dark deed was done
So here ends the story that darkness had won!

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  • 16 years ago

    by Jenn

    thanks to all of you :-) lol you people are the reason why i still write!! thanks for all the comments!! i luv all you guyss!!

  • 16 years ago

    by shenoa

    i really like this poem. it reminds me of the way i write. great job. its somthing, really. your a wonderful poet. keep them coming.