by Jenn   Nov 19, 2004

Cuts and bruises, fears and cries
A plastic world created by lies
Joy and singing, happiness and laughter
Fake emotions we build our lives after
We fall then get up only to stumble and fall again
We look for help but there’s no helping hand to lend
The pain dodoesn't go away, yet grows
People see but don’t care and in their face it shows
Our world is a cruel place
Emotions are hidden by our stone face
We smile and we laugh
But in the steps of pain; following its path
Only our dreams
Give us wings
To fly through our pain
To release ourselves from grief’s terrible stain
We look up to the sky
And ask god, simply, why
There must be a reason why he put us here
He never helps and leaves us to fight our own fear
But our worst fear
You can never hear
Our screams are silent to you
You may think you hear them but you only hear a few
So to my people
Call to our steeple
We need no more pains
So break down our heavy chains
Create a new world where
All problems fix with one prayer


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  • 16 years ago

    by Andrea

    very deep poem. i love it!