You're my Suicide!!!!

by Jenn   Apr 5, 2005

I'm gonna draw a picture, a picture with a twist..
I'll draw it with a knife, I'll draw it on my wrist...
and as i draw this picture, a fountain will appear...
and as this fountain flows, my pain will disappear...

I can't bare this shit any longer
i can't continue living this way
and maybe you should know
that I'm really just not OK
one day you'll see what i mean
you'll know what I've been saying
you'll know when you read this poe
that my world has been decaying
I'm tired of going through this pain
and listening to all your lies
all this bullshit is driving me insane
every word and breath you take
is pushing me closer to the edge
and though you'll never know
soon I'll be singing to death's pledge...

so when i fall asleep tonight and sail through my surreal dreams...
i wish my soul will pass to another world, where there will be no tomorrow for me!



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  • 15 years ago

    by kristen

    Hey hunnie long time no talk email me

  • 16 years ago

    by *Friends Are Stars*

    this is really good. its deep and meaningful. well done. keep writing x.