Love's broken road

by Jenn   Apr 1, 2005

She was so confused...
how could this happen, how could she be so used
he held her heart
just to end up tearing it apart
she couldn't stop her tears
the day that began all her fears...

She didn't know what to do
she could do so much better, if only she knew
A heart left shattered and broken
so many words to be left unspoken

The next day to come
her heart beating like a drum
he says, I'm not ready for this
nothing but a lie, what a fucing bliss
what a dumbas, that Jason...
now a new true love is what her heart is chasin

a poem written by a friend
to show her, the love for her will never end
for a guy will come and go
and to her a friend will show
that best friends are there forever
and that is love's best treasure..


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