The pain hurts

by Jenn   Nov 18, 2004

The days are growing longer
my heart is growing stronger
my time is up with you
but I'm sure you new that to

a wall is slowly covering my heart
so no one can tear it apart
i knew it was to good to be true
love is only for the lucky only for a few

no one can hurt me now
no matter how hard they try; no how
i wish this pain would just go away
but it gets worse with each new day...


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  • 16 years ago

    by kaysha

    no it doesnt. You have a bad experience and im so very sorry. But love is the best thing one can ever incounter... seriously. Maybe the person you were with just wasnt at all the person for you! Dont worry, you will find someone that will sweep you off your feet, and make you feel like your the center of their life and your are the most important and wonderful person in their world.... tootlez for now