Baby Boo

by ├Truely_Spoken┤   Feb 4, 2005

© Francisco Guzman 2005

Baby boo, can’t you see I need you
Because of all the time we spend amongst ourselves,
I can’t seem to imagine a day without you
Everyday, I will be there, Baby boo,
Don’t forget about me, wont you?

Baby Boo,
Compare me
To the sea without its water
Resemble me
To an artist without his canvas

If I don’t have you…

Baby Boo,
I can’t bear to see you, down like this
I stare into those crystal pure eyes
When I leaned over and kissed you for the first time
I felt my knees get weak

Baby Boo,
Compare me,
To the sun without its blazing light
Resemble me,
To the moon without the night

If you are not here…

Baby Boo,
When you are here, I can’t find what to say
Let my expressions linger in your mind

Don’t tell me that you will say goodbye
Because I can’t bear to say it again
Baby Boo, I love you

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  • 17 years ago

    by Heather Nicole

    awe omy goodness thats soo adorable
    i absolutely loved it!!