by Kathryn   Feb 23, 2005

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True you weren't my first love,
And you won't be my last.
But it still breaks my heart.
When i think about out past.

I gave you all my trust,
Which soon proved to be unwise,
When I found out that all the things
You said and did were lies.

You told me that you loved me,
And that I was the one,
But then before I knew it,
You were saying we were done.

I admit I thought you were perfect,
You seemed to treat me right.
Kissing me so softly,
Holding me so tight.

But what I didn't know,
Was you were keeping secrets from me.
Saying things to someone else,
When you knew I couldn't see.

Someone told me what was going on,
And I couldn't help but burst into tears.
For loosing your so-called love,
Was among my greatest fears.

You denied it when I asked you,
Said you'd never stoop so low.
And of course I believed you,
Just because I loved you so.

Even when we broke up,
You said she wasn't why.
But I never once believed,
That was anything but a lie.

And of course you proved me right,
When much later you told me,
About your problems with her,
And how you wanted her badly.

So now it seems i know
Exactly how you are,
And to prove you can get any girl,
To you nothing is too far.

But I still don't understand,
Why everytime you call,
And sweet talk me a little,
Right back in love I fall.

It wouldn't be so bad,
If you'd think before you act.
But unfortunately for me,
You're a jerk and thats a fact.


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