So you know

by Kathryn   May 26, 2005

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There you go again
Stomping on my heart
But I'm not surprised
I saw it coming from the start

You've made me cry so many times
That I think I'm out of tears
I don't know why I think you care
Cause you don't at all it appears

Every time you hurt me
I hate you even more
But then you say you want me
And I fall just like before

I don't even know why I like you
You're immature and dumb
And you've hurt me so many times now
That my heart is going numb

I think its because I like the way it feels
When you wrap your arms around me
And I know I still get butterflies
When I think of you kissing me softly

And for some reason I convince myself
That its worth the wrenching pain
Just to be with you for one more day
But now its driving me insane

How many times has it been
Like four maybe five now
That you get back into my head
That you get to me somehow

It really is ridiculous
Because I know you all too well
I know that all you'll ever do
Is put me through more hell

So after this last piece you took
From my heart that already aches
I'm never going back to you
No matter what it takes

I finally know you're not good enough
You can't give me what I need
I'm gonna find someone else
Someone that wont make my heart bleed

So whatever you try to say or do
This time I won't change my mind
I'm done with you forever
And someday I hope you find

That you missed out on something great
Because I really did care about you
Even though I hate your guts
I just wanted to make sure you knew.


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