After a year.

by Kathryn   Mar 8, 2005

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It seems it was only yesterday
That you were here by my side,
But it’s already been a year
And quite a wild ride.

My life was absolutely perfect
A year ago today,
And lord knows id still be happy
If itd only stayed that way.

I had sweet dreams about you,
And id wake up with a smile.
I found that id do anything
Just to be with you for awhile.

When we were together,
I found pure bliss,
Wrapped in your arms,
With your soft kiss.

I was your girl,
And you protected me.
We were made for each other,
It was easy to see.

Our names became one,
Our fingers always laced,
And I loved the way your arm
Always found its way around my waist.

The best months of my life
Were the ones we were together.
No doubt ever crossed my mind
That we would be forever.

Little did I know,
That my heart you soon would break,
And that soon you would not love me,
All your feelings would be fake.

Out of nowhere came those words
that ripped my world apart.
Sharp and cutting deep,
Like a dagger through my heart.

The pain that followed that,
Was the worst id ever felt.
I even had to avoid you,
For your eyes still made me melt.

When I thought that I could hurt no more,
That all my tears were cried,
I saw you standing there with her,
And I nearly died.

The way you looked at her
When you held her hand that day,
Was not how it should have been,
You only looked at me that way.

There was nothing I could do
To change the way you felt,
So I tried to get over you,
And take the cards that I was dealt.

Months after that,
When you were just a friend,
Behind her back you started talking to me,
Saying you felt it all again.

You said that you still loved me,
And that I was always the one.
You said that you had even cried,
When you thought we were done.

I still don’t understand,
Why I trusted you once more.
With the odds so high in favor,
That it’d end just like before.

But in my heart I believed it all,
Because I really did love you.
And again I soon found out,
That everything you said was untrue.

Again I tried to move on,
But my feelings would not erase.
I cried myself to sleep each night,
Just longing for your embrace.

A lot of time has passed since then,
And Ive tried so hard to forget.
But despite my best efforts,
It just hasn’t happened yet.

And sitting here thinking back
To this very day last year,
I still remember everything.
Every detail’s still so clear.

You changed my life completely,
Left a scar upon my soul,
An imprint on my mind,
And in my heart a hole.

Isn’t it amazing
What can happen in a year.
And how after all this time,
I’m still just wishing you were here.


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