To be like me.

by Kathryn   Apr 10, 2005

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Do you have any idea
What its like to be like me

To have my heart break in two
Everytime I sit here and see

The things that you write
About my very best friend

About how if you could only have her
You'd never hurt her again

Do you have any idea
What it feels like when

She shows me what you say
All the messages you send

The ones where you call her baby
And say shes on your mind

Where you ask her for a second chance,
Because a better guy she won't find

Do you have any idea
These days how much I cry

And that if shed take you back
I would probably die

Because I'm not over you
I never really was

And your making it harder
For me to move on because

Every now and then
You give me a call

And tell me you still want me
But you don't mean it at all

Do you have any idea
The pain that I feel

When I try to accept
That we weren't even real

That I was just another chick
You hooked up with for a thrill

And dumped for someone better
After you had got your fill

Do you have any idea
How bad you make me hurt

When you get my hopes all high
And then treat me like dirt

I don't think you do
But whatever thats ok

Because I still have my hopes
That just maybe someday

A girl will break your heart
And you will finally see

That honny it hurts like hell
To be someone like me


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  • 16 years ago

    by Nikki

    girl that was a good poem keep it up and if you need someone to talk to im here my email is