Too many times.

by Kathryn   Apr 2, 2005

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You've hurt me so many times
That my heart is cracked and bruised
I've been lied to, cheated on
Stabbed in the back, led on and even used

And still for some reason,
I keep on loving you
Even though I know you don’t
I pretend you love me too

So here I broke it down
So that you maybe will see
All these times you left
What you've done to me

Time number one
That you broke my heart
I was completely crushed
My life fell apart

But then you came back
You said you still loved me
And too bad for me
I forgave you so quickly

Time number two
You crushed me once more
And I was a wreck
Just like before

But stupid, stupid me
I listened to you
Even after all you'd done
The pain you'd put me through

Time number three
My heart lay in pieces
Because each time you break it
The pain just increases

But you'd been here so long
Without you I felt alone
But I was better off lonely
I just wish I would have known

Time number four
I couldn't sleep or eat
I thought of you each time
My broken heart beat

But I was addicted
You made everything right
So I gave in again
And let you hold me tight

Time number five
I swore it was the last
And that now all you’d be
Was a part of my past

But somehow you tricked me
And I let down my guard
Because I cared so much
Letting go was too hard

Time number six
Was really no surprise
I knew that it was coming
I saw through all your lies

Still I let it happen
And I prayed that I was wrong
But of course I wasn't
So now I’m trying to be strong

I won’t let myself fall again
Or at least I say that now
I’m going to try everything
I’ll resist your lure somehow

Because it really isn't worth it
To put up with all of this
Just for a fake I love you
And a short meaningless kiss

So goodbye to you forever
Number seven will not come
Because it isn't worth it
Even I’m not that dumb


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Latest Comments

  • 16 years ago

    by *XoSamMyoX*

    hey....!!! such a good poem because i can relate to it right on.ive been hurt so many times by the same guy and i keep running back to him ..if you read my tears the poem i wrote kind of relates to urs. but urs is better lol... keep it up ... i rly liked it .
    sammmy ...

  • 16 years ago

    by Cierra

    i think is was a very cute poem and im srry that he did that to you if that happened he is a jk.