by HunnyBun   Mar 30, 2005

People always wonder if there's some one out there for all
Well there is, You just have to roll with the ball
Since after summer there's fall
We never know when people are gonna call,

But so unexpectedly,they do
They say I love you too
I say where are we when the world falls upon me & you
Never knowing is something we pride for in life,do you too?

How can we walk around so pointlessly when everybody else is going somewhere?
Are we able to say no when we need be somewhere, but at the same time nowhere?
Where can we be able stop and watch, and have time stand still for that moment in time, maybe somewhere?
Who can we trust in this big empty place,but completely full world? Maybe they can come to us and we can go nowhere?

Is someone watching,is someone caring
Is someone crying, is someone loving
Is anybody out there?
Please Answer me if your are.


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