Dear Boyfriend,

by HunnyBun   Nov 26, 2005

Dear Boyfriend,

If only you could see the pain in my eyes,

The hurt I fear,the sighs you hear.

So many people say one thing and never mean it.

Only if you could feel it.. feel the torment.

This sounds as though I'm saying good bye, but in reality i am not.

I like you A lot.

I'm falling, fast, too fast as though it seems,

but as cheesy as this sounds my love for you beams.

you tend to anger with me easily. or so it seems. But i am the one that brings this a pond myself.

I easily hurt you, i say all the wrong things at all the wrong times. I ruin moment like no tomorrow.

But Subconjionsly(sp?) i believe that is this my way of keeping up my guard.

I keep everyone at bay.. just far enough for me to tear away.

there's no doubt in my mind that i am loving you.

when i hurt you, i see the pain in your green eyes and it makes my feel like crying.

If I am your tight-rope walker, you must be my safety net, Kay?

If I am your broken ankle you must be my brace,is that all right?

If you are my cut arm I will always be your band-aid.

If you are my summer, I will be your sunshine.

Like Fall, and the Falling leaves, at this moment we belong together.


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