by HunnyBun   May 22, 2005

Don't let him get to you
Everything may seem hopless,
but are you ready to let go?

Does it seem right?
Do you notice the smiles on the closest of friends faces turn upside down?
I dont think you do.

You let him get to you once,
even if it was only a few minutes,
u let him.

He doesn't deserve the energy,
the stress you put out.
He checked him slef in and he should have stayed.

I hope you notice the reality of it all,
you always say "you just have to roll with the ball"
but are u rolling? or are you getting rolled over by it?

You need to open you blue/green eyes,
and see that your hurt him.
But he wants you dead.

He may no longer say that,
but thats what he wants.
He wants you two never to be together as a couple.

You made him choose and that broke his heart into a million pieces.
But he tried to break yours,
And hers.

You disappering would mean,
alot of nights of tear stained faces.
Tears flowing and wet the pillow cases.

For some it will be a tragic,
others a good day.
Depending on who you talk to.

But I can say people will miss you,
with all their hearts.
wether you've broken it or chosen it to love more.

They will miss you,
cry for you,
and inside a piece of them will die with you.

--dedicated to JLB--


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  • 14 years ago

    by Robin

    Damn I really loved that poem. It was really sad, but still excellent : D
    5/5 from me.. great job in expressing the emotions. plz check out my stuff if you get a chance~
    xox Robin