I Never Thought

by HunnyBun   Jul 28, 2005

I never thought I'd get my self into this again,
A jerk, a for-getter,a user.
I went down the same path,
believing i was "the one".
but all i was, was the one to fill the void in your cracked heart.

I never thought you out of all people would hurt me,
as for yourself you've been hurt.
You think I'm mad, you're right. but only to a certain extent
Jealous too? Yep.
Maybe a Little clingy, I've been told.

I never thought I would want to hold on to someone that hurt me,
but i do.
I cried for you and because of you,
but you will never know the pain.

I never thought I'd go so far & waste so much time,
but i did. again.
I told you what i feel,
but you couldn't respond.

Now I'm thinking i wasted my time once again,
never again. I'm smarter and stronger now.
Time wasted is time we will never get back,
but I'm glad i wasted my time on you.



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