by Manda   Apr 12, 2005

They say the memories cure the hurt,
But from my veins, the blood still spurts,
My heart has been taken away,
And the sorrow is here to stay,

I want to move on and give up,
But I'm full of no-such-luck,
One thousand times I've cried,
But still I live with the lies,

The burdens of my tears,
Have followed me through the years,
Nobody sees the hiden pain,
No one sees the blood stains,

I try to forget, wishing it wasn't true,
But all I want- all I want is you,
Mistakes I've made, I can't forget,
Or at least I haven't yet,

I hide from you and from myself,
Wishing I had someone else,
Blood is all over the place,
And I look for a memorable face,

Though, all I want is your kiss,
And that sweet, tender bliss,
No longer, though, can I hold on to,
What I once thought of you,

I can't leave so still I stay,
Awaiting the day, I can walk away,
The day I say goodbye,
So many tears, will I cry,

If only you knew what I do not show,
And could see the things I don't want you to know,
Maybe that would change your mind,
But it is a story for another time,

Now all I want is for you to love me,
Because heart break is so painfully,
Tearing away the things that I thought once were,
And my life is such a spinning blur,

Maybe the only way to get you back,
Is the one way, I don't know how to act,
What you want is such a mystery,
And there's just things you can't make me be,

No matter how hard I try,
I think to me, you only lie,
I breathe, reluctantly,
Trying to find what once was me.


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