Stormy Night

by Btw Raising Hell And Amazing Grace   Apr 17, 2005

Black as night
Are you filled with fright

Lighting across the sky
Watching people die

Thunder clashing
A moment of lashing

Scars across my back
Cause of this selfness act

Eyes filled with pain
While watching the rain

The wind howling
Now is the time of knowing

Is it my time to shine
Put the past behind

Darkest before dawn
What did I do so wrong

Into the dark
I start at this mark

Repairing my heart
You kept it apart

I want to get inside
Where my problems hide

But I stand my ground
Ready to take the next round

Hit me with all you have
Come on be brave

Scared now that I am strong
Ready to take it all on

I want to see you cry
Weasel to the ground asking why

You should not have lied
Then thought I was going to let it slide

The sun against my skin
I know god saw my sin

I ready to take apart
In loving with all my heart


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Jenn

    I don't care what people gave you that was a ~5~ that was amazing i'm lov'in it xoxox

  • 14 years ago

    by Noelle k.

    your an AWESOME writter way better then me. 5/5 i cant wait to read more of your work. i added u under my fav.

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