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Hey im 15. I write a lot just dont post all of them I like keeping some to myself.... i dont eat read meat. my hobbies are listening to music . some of my fav bands are Korn, slipknot, as I lay dying, 3 doors down, goodcharlotte, simple plan, pretty girls make graves, the stroy of the year
A.F.I ummm I was voted the most "uniqe" for the schools year book which is there way of saying biggest freak......i write in my free time or when i have something on my mind there not the best but i write whatever comes to my mind or/ and what i'm feeling. please feel free to vote and comment all votes and comments are greatly appreciated i will do my best in returning the Favor.
Thanks again.


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  • Age : 15
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  • The things I've never told you are the things that...
    not even left is one leaf just like the sympathy...

  • Life (2)

    Cant catch a break living is a mistake why live...
    they think they know you but they have no clue...

  • Num 27 (3)

    This was just a random thing that came to my...
    I can smell the human flesh burning miles away...

  • Torn (2)

    Torn is what i am thanks to you I'm falling in the...
    you go and tell your friends how your the man...

  • The thought of losing you scurries in my head...
    this isn't the best it sucks i wrote it like 2...

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  • Its amazing how you can cut so deep and bleed so much but yet not really feel...

    17 years ago
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  • The most judge mental thing you can ever do is get a a .... abortion... its killing someone you never knew.

    17 years ago
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  • Punish thee who look to me for guidances.

    I am Not the light but the darkness

    17 years ago
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