I'll miss you all

by mistake   Apr 19, 2005

My last goodbye I'm here to say
i love you all very much but i have no dismay
i do this of my own will
this my last poem before i do kill

easy to write easy to read
after this simple poem i will proceed
to do my job get it done
but I'm so scared i feel so numb

all my family all my friends
shall not be there at my end
for I'll make it fast I'll do it quick
and pull it off without a hitch

no one to stop me doing what i plan on doing now
but it shall not be public i won't take a last bow
but I've been driven to this by the ones i love most
but soon to them I'll only be a ghost

before i go I'll say i have some regrets for them I've already cried
but just remember I'll see you all when you fall through to the other side
I'm not gone just in your past a distant thing forgotten
but over me please don't grieve feel guilty neither rotten

for i chose this it is my choice to leave you without me here
so please don't cry its not your fault wipe away your tear
i may not be back but you'll be with me again one day
i just hope you don't follow my path and chose the same way

don't be sad have a happier tone
I'll still be with you in your dreams at night when you feel all alone
but my life will end I'll do it soon
and i will miss you Amy rathbone

my last poem


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  • 16 years ago

    by Andrea broken tears

    i loved your poem i also hope it is not your last poem becuase you write very well

    comment and read mine teen writer and he cant take me

    thanx hugs

  • That's quite a upsetting poem you've wrote. Very good though. I hope it isn't your last poem, as I enjoy reading your poetry. Take care

  • 16 years ago

    by B4BY BLU3 X

    Hey, that is a really sad poem. Also sweet and brilliant!! I hope you arent really gnona end it. Things will always get hard for ya from time to time. Happens to us all. It doesnt get any easier to get through it but everyone has just gotta find a way to deal with it eventually. Hope this helps a little. xx