by Dani   Apr 26, 2005

In a time line that twirls,
changing frequently,
i learn to accept the facts,
and learn its okay to be lucky.
to feel invited from the popular crowd,
to have a royal chair,
but i have nothing now,
i am in pure despair.
My life is being wasted,
one smoke, drink, cut,
at a time,
and yet no matter how many times i hear I LOVE YOU,
the ballots never shine.
The fear they get when they find out,
is as always priceless,
those are the times they care,
the times when i am unrighteous.
i am a troubled child,
i don't even know my true self,
i cant choose a place to stay,
i always find a way out.
i am,
i wish everyone would leave me alone,
and let me do what i do.
If i was addicted,
like now,
thats when they care,
well this is punishment for them,
for not being there.
I love everyone to death,
i even have love to spare,
i try to help other people,
but they suck out all my air,
suffocated is how i feel,
when they state their problems,
i try to make it better,
but i turn my hypocritical back on them.
I do exactly what,
i said they shouldn't do,
then they follow my example,
the ones i wish i could undo.
so now i tell the truth,
why i do this shit,
its because all this teenage drama,
is tearing me to bits.
Rumors, labels, groups,
they are just a fad,
i cant wait for them to go,
cant wait for them to pass.
Heres the final reason,
i cant hide it anymore,
the reason why i cut and smoke,
is because i like the pain and i cant take this world anymore.


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  • 16 years ago

    by Megan

    Dani that is super good and I hope you really don't feel that way. But it is really good. You are an incrediable writer!