by HunnyBun   May 12, 2005

I never knew true pain,
piercing and worth crying for.

I never saw what i have said coming,
Never saw my self crying over almost nothing.

I never knew true disappointment until,
you cam along and did that.

Life is handful of popcorn,
salty and good, or plain and bad.

I never realized that till you,
well you ensured it.

I never realized how many people care,
or how them caring really affected me.

I never realized depression effected so many,
people around me crying..just like me.

Like a baby crying for its bottle,
was me crying for a little love and adoration.

I never loved until,
it was taken away from me.

I loved never with all my heart,
until you came into the picture.

I never loved someone the way,
I love you, as a friend.

You are a star in the sky,
out of reach but yet so close.

I may have loved but,
you made it different.

I may have realized things,
but you made them more apparent.

I may have known but,
you helped me.

A book without a title was me,
until you popped into the picture.

--you saved me in more ways then you think--


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