by edy   May 13, 2005

As I relive the past each day
A tear slowly forms
Sliding down my cheeks
Forming an everlasting frown

No it's not your fault
You've only broke my heart
Another time to cry
Wishing for a new start

There is no more goodbye's
Or baby it will be OK's
My heart slowly draining
I can no longer stay

With so many wounds
That I never really deserved
Maybe it was all my fault
I'm sorry you can't be my girl

Don't know what to say
Or who to cry to anymore
It seems like I'm so lost
Without you whom I once adored

Ill soon find my path
My destiny in life
It's just thing's have changed
I'm saying bye to my wife

Depressed far fetched
Alone far reached
What I am
That has yet to be seen

Lonely perhaps
Without your I love you
But this is no dream
I'm saying goodbye for true

Never thought this day would come
Where I would say goodbye
But you've done your damage all these year's
You can no longer be my wife.

So look me in the eyes
Baby, yes this is true
Our destiny has come to an end
I'm sorry I can no longer love you

So if the day ever comes
You see me walking bye
Just please look away
Pretend I'm just another random guy

Easy to say
Hard to actually do
I'm still asking myself
If I could ever live without you.



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  • 18 years ago

    by sarah

    Yet another great poem def 5/5 thanks 4 your comment meant alot keep writing so i can keep reading take care sarah x

  • 18 years ago

    by Miss Ashley

    I loved this poem... It has such meaning....check out my poem... " I hate you, But I love you" ....
    It's one of my older poems...but i think it is one of my best,...Anyways keep up the good work/