Murder of the Mind

by Unwanted Lamia   May 14, 2005

As I wait about
A shot rings out
I twirl around
afraid to make a sound

The victim cries
and I hide
did he see me?
the only witness to his crime?

He did see me!
I stifle my cries
I fear that he could hear
even my slightest tear

The sound of a gun
if only I could once again see the sun
the hope it would bring
and the birds that sings

but that is not my fate
but I still do not hesitate
to hide under the car
listening from not yet afar

he looks for me under here
but i roll away as he does peer
on the other side
I fear I might die

he's right there
ready to take my life with care
the killer, I know his face!
hair as black as midnight lace

eyes as gray as clouds above
a heart so cold it knows no love
how could he do such crimes?
in these happy times?

he goes around the back
an exit I now lack
he stares at me, with hate
and I, him, with sorrows to late

The trigger is pulled
I fall to the floor
Not yet dead,
I lay in a hospital bed

My nightmare done
I can again see the sun
yet footsteps sound
cold against the ground

he's coming to finish the job!
I let out a cold wet sob
he enters my room
then there is that big BOOM!

the guns falls
as the sound rings into the halls
He dashed out the door
as my blood drips to the floor

how could he?
was he too blind to see?
I was already dead
what message could I send?

A nightmare i cannot awake from
added together creates the sum
of all the horrors
created from my sorrows

I killed myself
a dream within myself
no, a nightmare!
with its evil snare

revenge i cannot take
not even for god sake!
because it would be on me
and killing me would only be

another nightmare times two,
all because of you
my nightmare, you treacherous thing!
you're such a warmless dream

Perhaps someone unaware ...
unaware of a nightmare's snare,
could relive mine!
read my last lines...

friday the 13th!! w00t!



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  • 15 years ago

    by Robert

    This was a very good read it kept me captivated to the end good job. If you get a chance could you comment and vote on any of my featured poems...