You Lied to Me

by Unwanted Lamia   Sep 5, 2005

*This is a poem I wrote that relates to the story I'm writing. I was inspired by PainRemption and his poem "The Empty Space Inside" look him up he's a great writer*

You lied to me,
You broke my heart
You said you were human,
But you're really not

Humans have souls
Where you have half
Humans have love
You never have

You lied to me
You broke my heart
You said we were friends
But we're really not

Friends tell secrets
But you kept all
Friends don't stand
And watch you fall

You lied to me
You broke my heart
You said we're in love
But we're really not

Lovers have love
And you have little
Lovers know each other
Not wonder around in the middle

I lied to you
I broke your heart
I said I hate you
But I love you a lot

I barely know you
Yet I know you so well!
I love you so much
But I'll never tell



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  • 12 years ago

    by Qpid

    Sweet poem